the subtle grace of gravity
the heavy weight of stone

Sarah n. princess : : For her I changed pebbles into diamonds, shoes into mirrors, I changed glass into water, I gave her wings and pulled birds from her ears and in her pockets she found feathers, I asked a pear to become a pineapple, a pineapple to become a lightbulb, a lightbulb to become the moon, and the moon to become a coin I flipped for her love, both sides were heads: I knew I couldn't lose.

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it’s six in the morning why am i freaking crying about how i met your mother i should be getting ready for school

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Dear Teen Wolf Fandom:

I have never watched an episode of Teen Wolf, but I am still screaming no????

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DID THAT REALLY…???!!!!???!!!!

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I need to reblog all the Brooklyn Nine Nine things.

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goodbye i am having hot pot for dinner tonight bYE

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my seal of approval is pretty much just me saying “yaaaaaas”

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meet the blogger

Name: Sarah
Nickname: X
Height: 5’0” and like 3/4 of an inch ;_______;
Relationship status: Single, not looking to mingle until after college preferably
Birthday: 12 November
Favorite color: BLUE
Favorite singer/band: Bastille, Jason Mraz, SOJA, Imagine Dragons, fun., Alt-J, Marina and the Diamonds, etc.
Last song listened: Find Your Way - Pablo Blaqk
Last movie watched: The Book Thief
Favorite book: The Princess Bride - William Goldman
Currently reading: Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro (re-read awwww yeah)
Siblings?: One older sister, two younger sisters, and one younger brother (but I kind of count all my cousins as siblings soooooo add twenty-some more people into that number)
Pets?: Fish and some parakeets but I really want a dog???
Best school subject: English, Chinese
Mac or PC?: PC
Cell phone type: iPhone 3GS so vintage I know~
Current shirt color: Black
Gamer?: A long, long time ago.
Summer or winter?: The weather of winter but the no schoolness and vacations of summer
Most-visited website?: Tumblr hah.

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Watching Akeelah and the Bee and oops I’m sad because I forgot beautiful Lee Thompson Young is in this movie and now he’s not here anymore. 

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