the subtle grace of gravity
the heavy weight of stone

Sarah n. princess : : For her I changed pebbles into diamonds, shoes into mirrors, I changed glass into water, I gave her wings and pulled birds from her ears and in her pockets she found feathers, I asked a pear to become a pineapple, a pineapple to become a lightbulb, a lightbulb to become the moon, and the moon to become a coin I flipped for her love, both sides were heads: I knew I couldn't lose.


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idk it bothers me that a quarter of an hour does not equal 25 minutes

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so far this morning I’ve gone for a run, done some stretches, eaten breakfast, taken a shower, done my daily devotions, baked cookies, cleaned utensils, eaten the cookies, made my bed, helped my dad with car stuff, gotten the mail, and checked tumblr.

i love days off from work. <3

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Name: sarah
Nickname: x
Location: maryland
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet
Any pets: fish and parakeets
Favourite thing about yourself: i tend to put others’ problems before mine
Worst habit: i often think i know better than my parents and most of the time i really don’t
Fun fact: i used to have scoliosis

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: cis female
Sexual preference: straight
Relationship status: single
Myers/Briggs type: INFP heck yeah


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": early bird
Morning routine: wake up, drink hot water, eat, get ready, groan
Bath or shower: shower
First thought in the morning: wait what’s the date.
Last thought before falling asleep at night: sleeEP


Do you work or are you a student: student working part-time
Where do you work/study: pediatrician’s office/high school
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: AT MCGILL UNI IN CANADA AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Habits (Do you … )

Drink: no
Smoke: no
Do drugs: no
Exercise: only running but even that routine is falling behind
Have a nervous habit: rolling my eyes because they dry out way too often

What is your favourite … ?

Physical quality (in yourself): i have cute earlobes according to my baby cousin idk? i mean my eyes are pretty big
Physical quality in others: EXPRESSIVENESS THROUGH EYES AHH
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): i’m a wallflower. i see things. i understand.
In Others: open-mindedness
Food: mexican grill, asian cuisine, pasta
Drink: water and tea
Animal: DOGS big dogs little dogs just DOGS oh and i had a panda obsession phase in like third grade
Artist/Band/Group: bastille, kodaline, jason mraz, and there’s more but i can’t think rn
Author/Poet: william goldman, kazuo ishiguro, mitch albom, stephen crane, daphne gottlieb, basicaquatics on tumblr, probs some more
TV Show: breaking bad, bob’s burgers, survivor, himym, the office, chuck, lost, probs more
Actor/Actress: kristin kreuk, yvonne strahovski, bryan cranston, keira knightley, joseph gordon levitt, bo burnham, mister fred rogers

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not sure how i feel about the new cbs show starring cam gigandet. 

two opposing lawyers trying to hide their feelings for each other hmmmmmMMMM smells like a cliche

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so i just started watching lost this past week and i’m already on season two but SAWYER/KATE

please tell me they’re endgame.

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it’s six in the morning why am i freaking crying about how i met your mother i should be getting ready for school

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Dear Teen Wolf Fandom:

I have never watched an episode of Teen Wolf, but I am still screaming no????

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