the subtle grace of gravity
the heavy weight of stone

Sarah n. princess : : For her I changed pebbles into diamonds, shoes into mirrors, I changed glass into water, I gave her wings and pulled birds from her ears and in her pockets she found feathers, I asked a pear to become a pineapple, a pineapple to become a lightbulb, a lightbulb to become the moon, and the moon to become a coin I flipped for her love, both sides were heads: I knew I couldn't lose.


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THE MAGIC BEGINS: 2. Favourite Book
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Rosa Diaz + tropes

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Lumos Maxima
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The Trench Run, Hong Kong | China (by Peter Stewart)


The Trench Run, Hong Kong | China (by Peter Stewart)

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it’s okay to cry // songs to listen to when everything is just too much and you need a good cry [listen]

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Romanians can’t make a bad film; it’s, like, illegal in their country.

The Los Angeles Times (via theseromaniansarecrazy)

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Quidditch Line Up | 1993-94 Ravenclaw Team

Roger Davies - Chaser/CaptainGrant Page - KeeperRandolph Burrow - ChaserDuncan Inglebee - BeaterJason Samuels - BeaterJeremy Stretton - Chaser; Cho Chang - Seeker

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He does feel. He feels about you.

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Book remake Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 
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